About Rockaway Arts Online

Rockaway Arts Online exists primarily as a resource for the makers and creatives based at Rockaway Park to sell their wares to as wide an audience as possible, but also to support and promote other local artists and creatives in the spirit of building community and encouraging mutual aid.

20% of the list price is contributed directly to the Rockaway Park project, so by using this online store, you are not only supporting a wealth of talented artists, makers and musicians, but also helping to keep this valuable self-funding Community Arts hub running to expand the creative network!


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Who We Are

Rockaway Park is an independent community arts hub in Temple Cloud, NE Somerset.

Situated in an old quarry at the foot of the Mendips, Rockaway Park was a scrapyard and vehicle recycling centre for many years, before evolving into the umbrella for a wide range of activities it is today. 

Hosting numerous workshop spaces and artist's studios, a rehearsal and recording space, The Green Room vegan cafe, a punk barbershop,  various events spaces (for gigs, arts & crafts fairs, even weddings!), a Therapy Suite, a Permaculture project, and even AirB&B accommodation at Rockaway House, Rockaway Park is a truly unique space, and an important creative asset to Somerset and beyond.

We thank you for your interest and support in expanding the creative network!


Upcoming Events

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    Thu, 09 Jan
    San Francisco
    09 Jan 2025, 11:30
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Don't Miss Out
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    Thu, 06 Feb
    San Francisco
    06 Feb 2025, 10:00
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Nothing Like It
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    Mon, 17 Mar
    San Francisco
    17 Mar 2025, 17:00
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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